Recruiting and Employing International Talent for STEM Fields

Flexible, affordable recruiting packages provide hiring options for companies of all sizes.

We offer three placement programs for growing businesses: a Graduate package, a Starter package and our Premium package. You may choose to have a 6-month, yearly, or a multi-year relationship with us. Your business receives the flexibility needed to quickly make staffing changes.

It’s easy. Make your hiring choice from one of our packages and we’ll onboard from there.

Discover U.S. employment opportunities

The shortage of highly-skilled STEM labor is no myth. That’s why we’re proud to enable domestic and non-US STEM professionals to be placed into competitive and exciting jobs, bypassing the frustration of the immigration process.

Our team of in-house human resource representatives are available to answer all benefit, relocation and employment questions. View Job Opportunities

Add STEM graduates to your growth strategy

Zig when the competition zags. Build a stronger team by hiring a talented STEM graduate. USC has chosen us to connect Masters and Ph.D degreed graduates from their famous Viterbi School of Engineering to employers April 5, 2017.

Receive an online company booth for this event at no cost, worth $300!  Contact us for details on how to participate in the online Job Fair.