Football, Business And Your Team

Football, Business and Your Team

Some of the people who work at International Employment Experts team never tire of football season. They look forward all year to the start of the season, and the Super Bowl is a bittersweet event. Regardless of whether or not you are a rabid American football fan, there are many parallels between sports teams and business. Players and Coaches In all team sports there are key players with designated roles. Nearly every football player has a unique job to do, while also responsible for covering their teammates. Quarterbacks do not act alone—they are part of a team that includes players with speed, strength players, a…

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NewSpace 2016 Technology And Innovation

NewSpace 2016 Technology and Innovation

Were you at the NewSpace 2016 Conference in Seattle? Our team attended it, and left the conference very excited about the innovation and technology surrounding space exploration, and the related business opportunities. Satellite Technology is one area of research and expansion, including personal satellites. You may have heard of a unique class of satellites called CubeSats. CubeSats are designed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) – the region of space from around 200 to 800 miles above the Earth, where human-tended missions like the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station (ISS) hang out. They can also attain more distant orbits; NASA plans for most of…

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